We are passionate about our values and activism work, and have a proud 30-year tradition of campaigning through The Body Shop.

Our values are part of our DNA, and represented in the three circles of our logo. Our values mission statement is to "be active, be daring and influence by delight". We champion causes and partner with other organisations to campaign on issues that relate to our five core values – against animal testing, supporting community fair trade, activating self-esteem, defending human rights and protecting the environment.

If you or your organisation has an idea for a partnership campaign, one which fits at least one of our core values and matches our values mission statement, pitch it to us and let‘s try and make a positive difference together.

As well as our busy schedule of campaigns, our values are integrated in all decisions we make across our businesses and extended even further through the work of The Wise Foundation.

Volunteering is also an important part of our Values mindset, and we‘re passionate about donating energy and expertise to good causes. To help facilitate this and foster the spirit of volunteerism, all full-time Adidem Group employees are given 16 paid hours a year to contribute to community projects and volunteer work.