CARE Walk In Her Shoes

In 2012, the Adidem Group began to partner with CARE Australia for their annual Walk In Her Shoes campaign to raise awareness and funds for the millions of women and girls in developing nations that spend hours each day walking to collect water, food and firewood for their families. This often results in them missing out on education and employment opportunities that could help free her and their families from poverty.

Each year since, the Adidem Group and The Body Shop have campaigned to raise much needed funds and ensure that our staff, customers and the public are aware of the plight of these women.

From 24 February, our store windows were covered with messages from CARE and our shelves were stocked with Walk In Her Shoes starter kits to encourage customers to take part. The walking week began on March 17 and more than 750 people from across the Adidem Group hit the pavement to walk 10,000 steps a day.

Our efforts translated into another great result for CARE Australia, with more than $200,000 being raised for CARE projects. Thankfully, this means the situation for many of these women and girls in developing countries is starting to improve.

The funds raised through CARE‘s Walk In Her Shoes campaign go directly to CARE‘s work on the ground ensuring that more women and girls are spending more time in school, earning an income and helping their community to overcome poverty.


CARE Walk In Her Shoes