About Us

Graeme Wise portrait


At the Adidem Group we measure success in three interlinking circles – stakeholder fulfilment, economic success and positive change. The lifeline of our businesses is the relationship between our staff and our customers, our companies and our community.


In 1983 Graeme Wise brought The Body Shop to Australia and opened the first store off Collins Street in Melbourne. The Body Shop Australia was sold back to the L‘Oreal group in February 2015 after 31 years of franchise operations in Australia.

By this time The Adidem Group had grown to 12 businesses and a charitable foundation. During the remainder of 2015 ownership and control of the core operating businesses of the Group were transferred to Graeme‘s chldren, Robert Wise and Caroline Zwiers.

The Adidem Group continues under Graeme‘s guidance as an investment company seeking strategic long term investments in property and equities consistent with our vision and values.